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Peter Eigen: How to expose the corrupt



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OMG brilliant!


is the tittle of this brilliant reflexion on the community’s view of the programmer…. and the reality of it’s existence.

On the other hand I love the way it also reflects the more general principle that everyone values most, what he/she has more and better of.

which finally brings me back to this question that has stolen my sleep time:

How do you know the value of something?

To which I now stand with the following hypothesis:

The value of something is the highest value, by which someone else would still buy it. Given that you don’t consider ethics.

I have absolutely no idea of how to formulate an abstraction of it when you insert that nagging factor of ethics.

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what does public debt look like?

what does public revenue VS public debt look like ?

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Esquizofrenia dos mercados…

Leio estas coisas e o meu cerebro linear sente-se perdido numa sequencia de saltos quânticos.  Se a economia podesse ser contida numa pessoa, esta seria muito rapidamente diagnosticada com esquizofrenia paranóide. Se fosse apanhada na rua.. por esta altura seria rapidamente abatida.. e quem sabe… cozinhada à falta de melhor proveito.

Os fundos cinderela?

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an example

Dr. Eleni Gabre-Madhin

A story of regulation, mediation. The story of a platform fonded with the grounds of aiding distribution.

Aiming not at wealth, but at prosperity. Not at equality, but at transparency, and with it at fairness.

A story that wormed my heart with hope, eased my general paranoia, and reassured my belief that what the world lives now, is not an economic crisis , but a trust crisis. Motivated by the lack of transparency of public organizations, and the corruption of some leaders…


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