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IE6 the nightmare

This is the post I wish I had read on the blogs and forums out in the universe… About how to circle the  n different versions of IE which every developer know’s mostly have in common the fact that they are pretty crappy at following standards and are filled with support holes and MSonly object properties.

So for starters DON’T READ THE FORUMS, if you don’t know precisely what you are looking for . =P about 90% of the posts are novice, about 7% are people  hopping to play around and if you’re lucky to find some insigh… you have been browsing for hours.

Stand alone versions of i6 and other forms of bundled engines I’ve found, are good for pages with simple scripts and no authentication… but if you’re using a javascript library, ajax requests, and you have authentication… I’d run away from them.

MS proposes a solution which seams @first too much trouble.I mean who would want to install a virtual machine to run a browser.. please?! right? But in the end it may quite be your best solution. If you may be evading some specific IE corner… imagine what it’s like not knowing if that corner is the browser’s, the “emulator” of the browser’s or a gap in your code the other browsers covered for you.

Has an example I can tell you I wasted way to much time, just to realize that the thing I replaced IE with was not sending cookies along with the ajax request… :S

Now while javascript librarys can be a pain to keep track, CSS is pretty plain and there are plenty of valuable “compatibility tables”  like this one

which you really wanna check, so you can keep track of what’s going wrong without guessing to much.  The other think you might wanna look into are cheats that other people may have found…

So out of the tech talk… and in to the juice…  this is what I’ve (re)learned today. Guessing is your enemy. While it may be a fun game. Doing a test by case, can be a horrible way to get trough your problem. The idea is to build a stack of axioms you can rely on when you start formulating those theorems…  So much of the work is done in seconds in your brain and not in many hours on Google.


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