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the buz is officially deafening

I’ve tried unity and I just hate it, that horrible site bar steals precious desktop space. And I feel trapped in that mandatory button interface. I hate the big buttons, the icons, the full screen menus with transparency but mostly the fact that it crashes if I use two screens in twinView.

It’s a real shame since I’ve been leaping distributions (slackware, mint, fedora, and finally ubuntu)  and thought I had finally found my resting place.

(great package availability, (including development packages), great looks, stable, customizable… every geek’s dream)

Ohh ubuntu.. there you go in to the netbraolck (my damaged way of saying netbook brain block)…

No X??!?!?!?!?! no X?!?!?!?!

ohh my! oh my! It’s the big asteroid of changestroction! Let’s see how that goes… maybe this dinosaur will find a new planet to inhabit…



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